We ALL Need to Speak Up!

Public speaking coaching with Jezra Kaye will help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re a CEO or a celebrity chef, an educator or an artist, the ability to SPEAK UP is an important part of your success.

In today’s tough environment, we all have to advocate for ourselves and our work — and that means being able Speak Up.

Do you know how to…

  • Pitch your business, or yourself?
  • Motivate your colleagues or customers?
  • Sound authoritative when you speak off the cuff?
  • Speak clearly and persuasively in your personal life?

These are just a few of the skills I share with individuals, organizations, and teams throughout the world.

My services range from Individual Speaker Coaching, in person or by Skype, to customized Workshops that address what’s most important to your team, to Speechwriting services that make it easy for you to get your point across.

You’ll also find a wealth of information about how to speak up in the Speaking Tips on this site, and more about working with me in the FAQs.

And for self-directed learning, my public speaking books, Speak Like Yourself… No, Really! and Interview Like Yourself… No, Really! are like having your own speaker coach between two covers.

If you want to Speak Up, CONTACT ME

I look forward to working with you!
Speak Up for yourself with the self-directed learning in my book, Speak Like Yourself...No, Really!Speak Up successfully at job and promotion interviews with my book, Interview Like Yourself... No, Really!