Public Speaking Skills for A New Year

What Are the Public Speaking Skills You Want to Improve?

Last month, I asked readers of my newsletter one simple question about their public speaking skills:

And the Envelope, Please…

The top 3 needs that people who answered this survey identified most often were:

  1. Refine My Delivery (to be listened to and heard more clearly) — chosen in 53.4% of answers
  2. Speak Effectively in Meetings — chosen in 53.4% of answers
  3. Deliver a Stand-Up Presentation — chosen in 44.6% of answers

Great choices!

These communications skills are essential for anyone who wants to advance their career, and can help you in every area of life.

And like all public speaking skills, they’re easy to improve in just a few minutes a day, when you know where to focus and how to practice.

How do you learn that?

With 100 Top Public Speaking Tips!

If you don’t yet own 100 Top Public Speaking Tips: The BookI’m offering it for 20% off, with my appreciation. To get your copy, just:

  1. Go to this page
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Want a Head Start on the 3 Most Common Areas for Improvement?

Here are some tips that will get you started:

4 Tips to Help Your Public Speaking In General

6 Tips to Refine Your Delivery (so you’re listened to and heard more clearly)

53.4% of you — more than half of survey respondents — said that being listened to and heard was a top public speaking priority for this year. These tips will help you hold the floor and communicate clearly, no matter the setting you’re speaking in:

4 Tips to Help You Speak Effectively In Meetings

Wouldn’t it be fun if most meetings just went away? Until that happy day, though, 53.4% want to speak more effectively in meetings, and these tips will help.

NOTE: If, like many people, you’re not speaking up because you don’t think you have important things to say, read Tip 61 first! And even if you’re not running the meeting, Tip 75 will help you understand what makes good meetings work (and how you can contribute).

7 Tips for Delivering a Stand-Up Presentation

I was surprised by how many survey respondents (44.6%) need to make stand-up presentations.

If you intend to give more than the occasional talk, I recommend my comprehensive public speaking workbook, Speak Up for Success…No, Really! The book takes you step-by-step through the entire process of planning writing, and delivering a business presentation, and is filled with the advice and insights I share with private public speaking clients.

I also recommend checking out these tips:

Make This the Year You Achieve Public Speaking Success, with 100 Top Public Speaking Tips!

When I set out to write 100 Top Public Speaking Tips, the task felt incredibly daunting. Where was I going to find 100 good ideas, let alone the time and energy to write about them?

But step by step, the job got done — and that’s just what happens when you set out to improve your public speaking skills.

Pick a skill, pick a tip to advise you, and pick a moment each day to practice. And here are 20 public speaking goals you can tackle in just an hour with me.

This can be the year you reach your public speaking goals, and enjoy doing it!

Image by Joseph Chan | Unsplash
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