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Why Is It So *@#%* Hard to Interview Like Yourself?

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Well, let’s see. Could it be because:

  • The stakes are high,
  • The rules are unclear, and
  • Even though you have to talk, there’s no script for you to follow.

No wonder so many people dread job interviews!

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But with Interview Like Yourself… No, Really! you can be your best self… make the interviewer fall in love with you… and use your strengths and skills to get the job you want.

Thanks to you, Jezra, I’m in a job I love! Everyone should follow your advice!
— Nicky Grist, Director of  Evaluation, National Urban League

Interview Like Yourself — Because Job Interviews are Not What You Think!

Did you know that:

  • You’re not at the interview to explain your qualifications?
  • It’s not just OK, it’s imperative that you ask questions?
  • One of your biggest goals should be to help the interviewer keep things flowing?

Interview Like Yourself…No, Really! delivers insights and strategies like these in a frank, easy, and accessible style.

It takes you step-by-step through how to prepare and practice for an interview that will maximize your chances of getting hired!

And whether you’re an interview expert, or a first time job-hunter, Interview Like Yourself…No, Really! has everything you need to have a great interview, and get the job!

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