Public Speaker Coaching for Individuals

What Can Individual Speaker Coaching Do For You (or for Your Employees and Leaders)?

Whether they show up on their own, or are sent by their companies, my public speaking clients all want the same thing: The ability to express their thoughts — confidently, clearly, and concisely.

For some, this means speaking with less fear.

For others, it means speaking with more focus.

So yes, individual speaker coaching will show you how to craft a speech, sales pitch, or wedding toast that you can deliver with pride. You will learn how to speak up in meetings (or run them!), hold difficult conversations, make small talk, and more.

But no matter your specific goals, what public speaker coaching will primarily show you is how to acquire new skills, practice to perfect them, and up the chance that you’ll be heard and respected whenever you speak, and whatever you speak about!

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How Individual Speaker Coaching Brings Out Your Best — In 3 Easy Steps!

Public speaking isn’t just about words.

It’s a real-time collaboration between your mind (to frame ideas), your body (to express them), your skill set, your professional goals (career), and your connection with the people you’re talking to (audience)

That’s why:

  1. At your very first session, we’ll use tools like the MBTI (and your public speaking personality) to explore your strengths and skills, and figure out what’s holding you back — whether it’s fear, self-judgment, ineffective goals (“I want to be articulate”) or just a lack of information.

2. Whatever the issue, we’ll tackle it with exercises, information, and assignments that keep you focused, growing, and building new skills as you free yourself from old restrictions.

3. As your skills grow, your confidence will grow. You’ll sound more and more like the speaker you want to be. And before you know it, you’ll be having fun with this!

“How Is Individual Speaker Coaching Organized?”

My coaching is flexible, and organized around your needs:

  • We’ll use your work or personal materials to address your public speaking challenges.
  • We’ll schedule sessions at your convenience.
  • You can choose between in-person or Skype coaching.
  • A sliding fee scale makes coaching affordable for every organization and most individuals.
  • And if you’re a manager or HR professional who’s referring an employee, I’ll incorporate your input, and keep you informed about their progress.

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“How Long Will It Take Me to Become a Good Speaker?”

I don’t know.

Too many variables go into the answer, including: how much will you practice?; how often will you use these skills?; and what, exactly, does “good” mean to you?

But I do know that,

  1. You will see a big change following your first session. That’s because the fears, judgments, and concepts you’ve been carrying around will be replaced by a clear picture of what public speaking involves, and what it will take for you to get better at it.
  2. Also keep in mind that, the better you get, the more things you’ll want to work on. With a complex skill like public speaking, there’s always something new to focus on, always another level to attain. There’s no one end point, and that’s a good thing, because no matter how skilled or confident you become, this process will always offer a next challenge!

“What If I Want to Refer an Employee?”

Lots of companies offer speaker coaching to their employees. It’s a great perk, and offers tangible benefits to you employee and your company.

When you contact me to discuss speaker coaching for an employee or direct report, I’ll ask you:

  • Is your employee or direct report open to being coached?
  • Are you two aligned around areas for improvement?
  • How active a member of the coaching team will you be? (Will you want updates following each session? Will you be provide your assessment of how things are going? Are you comfortable reminding, reinforcing, even giving feedback during sessions?)
  • When do you want to get started?

Are You Ready to Communicate More Effectively?

As you can see, public speaker coaching can help anyone…  in any field…   at any stage of their career!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re in or near New York City, you can take advantage of In-Person Coaching — and if you’re not, we’ll do public speaker coaching by Skype.

Either way, I promise you a transformative experience.

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