Got One Minute? Build Your Skills With These Five Public Speaking Exercises

How can five public speaking exercises that take just one minute to complete help you become a better public speaker?

Well, as with any physical discipline (and public speaking is physical; you speak with your body), a little bit of daily practice can produce more dramatic results than the occasional cram session.

Yes, public speaking mastery takes time and effort. But you can improve — sometimes significantly — by practicing in small daily doses.

Want to try it? Click on the links below and watch yourself get better, day by day:

1. Make an Instant Speech — It’s Easy! (15 seconds)

A format that helps your sound credible, informed, and smart; that helps you answer questions; and that shows you how to start and stop, and how much to say? It’s not magic — it’s the Instant Speech!

2. Be Your Super Self: Call On Your Public Speaking Avatar (5 seconds)

When you need a little extra juice to get a public speaking job done, summon your Public Speaking Avatar to instantly tap more confidence, power, and pizazz.

3. Put Pauses in Your Public Speaking (5 seconds)

Pauses are one of your most important, dramatic, relaxing, and versatile public speaking tools. Here’s how to practice them.

4. Breathe Out to Settle Yourself (5 seconds)

You’ve probably been told to take a deep breath when you’re nervous. But if you breathe out before you breathe in, you’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, and ready.

5. Make Public Speaking Practice a Game (30 Seconds)

Taking to people is part of your daily life. You can use those conversations to make public speaking practice into a fun and simple game.

Image by John Cameron | Unsplash
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