20 Public Speaking Goals You Can Accomplish in an Hour with Jezra, on the Phone, by Skype, or In Person

Image by Kat, Flickr/Creative Commons

Got Public Speaking Goals? Accomplish A Lot in Just an Hour

I recently learned that a long-standing, highly valued client didn’t know I could help her with other public speaking goals besides preparing and delivering a speech at a conference.

That was a shock, but it probably shouldn’t have been. We’re all experts in our own areas, and things that are obvious to us (if you can bake an eclair, you can probably bake a soufflé) are often opaque to others.

So here, for my client’s benefit and yours, is a list of 20 public speaking goals I can help you with, even if your time is limited:

  1. Practice for a job interview
  2. Brush up your small talk for that party or networking event
  3. Decide what you really want to say in a tough conversation
  4. Figure out why public speaking scares you, and how to cope
  5. Develop a pitch
  6. Plan a presentation
  7. Fix your PowerPoint slides
  8. Learn to speak more clearly
  9. Learn to speak more slowly
  10. Learn to get to the point
  11. Find out what your body language is really saying, and improve it
  12. Figure out what your key message is
  13. Develop an action plan for an important meeting
  14. Plan or practice a TEDx talk
  15. Learn how to lead a panel discussion
  16. Get feedback on your resume
  17. Explore your public speaking personality
  18. Discuss a communications issue at work
  19. Learn to make an Instant Speech
  20. Find your best public speaking self

And much, much more.

If you have an hour, and would like to work on any of these public speaking goals, contact me!