Praise from My Public Speaking Clients

Lisa J. ServonI gave the Yale talk yesterday and I think I killed it!

— Lisa J. Servon, Professor, Milano Graduates School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy, The New School

Red Rabbit logoThe event went extremely well in Aspen. Thank you for the session. It really helped me flush through my thoughts.

— Rhys W. Powell, President/Founder, Red Rabbit, LLC

June WalkerHere is a big thank you for taking the time to give me an honest, helpful critique of my talk. I very much appreciate the gift of your expertise.

— June Walker, Tax Adviser to the Self-Employed

Jezra showed me how one word or phrase can influence the outcome of a pitch. After one session, I began to reap the rewards of her lessons. Jezra is whip-smart, intuitive, analytical and kind. If I could figure out a way to clone her and keep her in my pocket at all times, I would.

— Paula Seibel, President, Paula Seibel Associates Executive Search

Jezra, the talk went great!! I got a standing o!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help and support.

Amy Cortese, author of Locavesting:  The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit from It
coached Amy for her presentation on local investing at TEDx Maui

Jezra taught me how to write and deliver my first keynote speech for a major corporation’s senior level retreat, walking me through the process, step by step, teaching me the skills I needed to succeed. She was steadfast, patient, available, professional, insightful and masterful.  I quadrupled my business with this client within a week of delivering the keynote.

— Anne Loehr,  Executive Coach and Generational Consultant Co-Author (with Jezra) of Managing the Unmangeable: How to Motivate Even the Most Unruly Employee

Jezra is an amazing speaking coach. She is warm, professional and engaging. Her expert guidance will activate and enhance the skills of novices and experienced speakers alike.

— Mutiya Vision, M.S. Ed. – Author, Publisher, CEO, Vision Works Publishing
coached Mutiya for her Robin Hood HEROES Award acceptance speech

Jezra was a joy. She had a real knack for making people feel comfortable and well prepared. On the day of the event all of that was evident, because the speakers were flawless and engaging.

— Daniel Sheehan, Copy Director, ROBIN HOOD
coached Robin Hood’s 2011 Heroes for their awards acceptance speeches

CES went very well. I was well prepared to discuss EvoSpend, and I want to thank you again for prepping me.

 Stephen Chase (“Chase”), President, EvoSpend
coached Chase’s company pitch at the massive Consumer Electronics Show

You met me where I was and had an insane ability to help me be the best me I could be.  I had never considered how much a speech coach could help at every step in the process – now I can’t imagine having done it alone.

Erica Frenkel, Program Officer, UAM Global     
Erica for her speech at TEDx MidAtlantic about UAM’s
Universal Anesthesia Machine

Thank you so much again for your help. I really feel this was the primary reason I got to walk up there and ultimately deliver.

— Anne-Marie Van Dijk, Model and Founder, Cleanse NYC

I cannot emphasize how extraordinarily amazing you are!!  I don’t remember spending as productive a two hours with another professional as what I accomplished with you today.

— Boaz (Buzz) Shattan, Jr., Senior Investment Director, The Greenwich Group Intl. LLC

I felt transformed after my session with Jezra! She empowered me with concrete strategies that fit my personality, yet stretched me beyond my comfort zone.

— Isabel Cruz Artist, Arts Educator, Founder, Bluebell Summer Arts Camp

Listening to Jezra, the lightbulb definitely went on.  She is great!

— Andy Young, Founder, Big Apple Bites Back Productions

Working with Jezra was a fantastic experience.  She immediately picked up on and helped me correct the habits that were negatively impacting my effectiveness as a speaker.  With her invaluable help and patient support, I can now speak concisely and confidently in any setting about what sets my company apart.

— Caroline Clark, Founder, Organized Simplicity

Jezra has a laser-like focus in one-on-one meetings, and can hone in on exactly what is holding you back from success, in short order!

— Amanda Hofman, Founder, Urban Girl Squad

After just one call with Jezra, I immediately developed new communication tools that help me manage my team and grow my business. She’s worth every penny.

— Steve Goldenberg, Founder and CEO, Interfolio

I was a big hit at the conference, which would NEVER have happened without the work I did with Jezra.  Not only did she structure and improve my content, and help me with visuals, she also taught me how to connect with the audience to be a better presenter.  I’m definitely going to work with her on every big presentation I give.

— Caroline Green, Director of Business Development, IvanExpert

Working with you was one of the highlights of writing the book.  A true pleasure!

—Amir Levine, M.D. and Rachel S.F. Heller, M.S. | Co-Authors Attached:  The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find — and Keep — Love
coached Amir and Rachel for book tour interviews and a keynote presentation

Jezra’s help was invaluable.  She helped me de-clutter my presentation and clarify the keymessages I needed to drive home for my audience.

— Anaezi Modu, Founder & CEO, REBRAND
coached Anaezi for her keynote speech at Madrid Design Week, 2010

It was truly amazing to watch your process – taking a written document and turning it into a speech!

— Rebecca Skinner, Head of School, International School of Brooklyn

It’s always a real pleasure to work with you. You step back first to see if I’m headed in the right direction rather than just proceeding. Many others race ahead without first assessing and discussing enough, but you make sure we accomplish the real goals.

— Andrea Kihlstedt, Co-Founder, Asking Matters

I continue to refer back to our notes and refine my messages to various constituents, and it is quite powerful.

— Kelly Gagan, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Nazareth College

Jezra gave me the confidence to go on a national news show and get my message across, succinctly and clearly. In just a few hours, I was ready… and I did well!

— Candace Carponter, Esq., Law Office of Candace Carponter
Legal Director, Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn

Jezra is not only a superb writer who combines creative skills with strategic client insight; she is also a marvelous communicator, able to present ideas to clients with subtlety, passion and power.

— Richard Bruno, Corporate Creative Director

I hired Jezra to help me re-tool a speech I’d been giving for 4 years.  It is now much tighter, and flows and clarity, passion and punch.  Most importantly, the audience really connected with it, learned from it, and said they were taking the key points home to work on.  Hire Jezra  —  she’ll make your speeches great!

— Kathleen Loehr, Non-Profit Organizational Management Consultant

I’ve turned to Jezra Kaye to help prepare for everything from informal panels to television appearances.  With insight, humor, and grace, she shapes speakers into expert presenters.

— Hayley Gorenberg, Esq.

I may not meet Jezra again, considering she lives in New York and I in Mumbai.  But the lessons learnt during the few hours she spent coaching me will last a lifetime.  All I can say is:  Thank you, Jezra.  You’ve helped me grow.

— Rajesh Jain, CEO, Netcore and Chairman, Novatium

Jezra is the best speaker coach in the business.  She provides a simple, painless format for executives to understand how to structure a powerful presentation.  As a coach, she is honest and supportive.  She pulls no punches but is able to communicate critique in a way that isn’t threatening or ego-deflating.  I’ve witnessed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effect of Jezra’s coaching and the improvement is dramatic!  There are speech coaches out there who do more damage than good.  Jezra’s calm, supportive and targeted expertise really shines through the charlatans.

— Hilaury Stern, Corporate Creative Director

We have entrusted Jezra to provide expert speech coaching to some of our most important clients.  The noted improvement in our client’s speech delivery at subsequent events has far exceeded our expectations.

— Christine Creter, President, Strategist, and Executive Producer, Creter Group, Inc.

I recently heard one of Jezra’s and my mutual clients speak.  Her presentation was superb:  Clear, confident, completely authentic and forceful.  When I complimented her, she laughed and said, ‘I was channeling Jezra!’

— Paula Peter, President, The Solstice Group

Jezra is a topnotch writer and a brilliant creative thinker and strategist.  Her ability to help others succeed through all aspects of communications is astounding. And all of these talents are wrapped up in a warm, supportive demeanor, which makes Jezra the absolute go-to person for any message that needs to be expressed.

— Susannah Maurer, Corporate Communicator

Jezra is THE woman to go to if you want to present like a rock star.  She works with you wherever you are at.  She puts you at ease and makes you feel confident.  She doesn’t try to mold you into some robotic, slick, speaking machine, and for that, I am truly grateful!  Run, don’t walk, to your phone and call Jezra today!

—Laura Allen, President and Co-Founder, 15 Second Pitch

I recommend that if you want a position of influence you choose Jezra Kaye as your professional and personal coach.

— Carmen Colon, Former Executive Director Association of New York City Education Councils

Jezra worked with me to improve my ‘stump speech’ during my campaign for Congress in 2006.  Each session was effective and beneficial, even though I speak in public often, and was a championship speaker in high school.

— Chris Owens, Regional Director, BELL and Former Congressional Candidate

I’ve used Jezra’s services to help me better understand my communication style, and she provided real insights that have also helped me be much more effective in business.

— Howard Levy, Principal, The Red Rooster Group

It seems as if you are able to form a bond, which translates to presenters trusting you.  It is this trust that seems to free the speakers.  You intuitively focus on the personality of the speaker, nurture their message, and then also give them the presentation skills to bring their message to life on stage.

— Trish Whitehurst, Film and Theater Producer


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