Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Simple Speech Can Be Powerfully Persuasive

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was recently named a Top 10 Woman of 2012 by Glamour Magazine — not for her couture, though she dresses beautifully, but because, as journalist Dahlia Lithwick says, ”The America we live in has Justice Ginsburg’s fingerprints all over it.”

In this brief excerpt from the PBS / AOL series “Makers,” Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks with humor and understated eloquence about her experience as a pioneering woman lawyer. Notice the simplicity of her statements, and the power they pack:

If a woman this brilliant (#1 in her Harvard Law class), this persistent (turned down by 14 law firms), and this influential favors straight-forward, unpretentious speech, maybe it’s time for the rest of us to try it!